“We hold the key to your
house staffing needs...”

Thank you for choosing The Herbert Alfred Agency to assist you in strengthening your career & obtaining a new position with a new family. We are not only excited about representing you, but thrilled to be on this journey with you! As your Agent, we will provide you with many services to help you through this process. We have fantastic Clients both Domestically & Internationally, waiting to see your Professional Portfolios. We are here to provide you with support & specialized services that are tailored to your specific job hunt. Some of the services we provide you (all of which, are free of charge to you, The Candidate) are:

  • Match you with the perfect Client (family) & ideal position.
  • Assistance in revising your resume & building a Professional Portfolio.
  • Have questions about taxes, contracts, Client, scheduling, laws, etc? We are here & available 24/7 to answer those questions for you.
  • Continuous training in your specific field: We offer a 12 month training workshop which will assist you in furthering your knowledge on important subjects pertaining to your career. You will receive a certificate for completing these courses & then considered a  “Gold Key Candidate” within our firm. Gold Key Candidates typically land more substantial positions. This is also a great way to meet others in your field.

If your wish is for us to represent you, please already have the following:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have at least 3 years experience in your specific field.
  • Have a valid driving license, a reliable vehicle, & current car insurance.
  • Be legal to work in the USA.
  • High School graduate.

If you do NOT have all of the above, we can absolutely still assist you! If you’re lacking any of these qualities, you will be enrolled in our Brass Key Program. As a Brass Key Candidate you will be assigned your own personal Mentor, or a seasoned Domestic Worker in your same field. He/She will guide you through the process of training & experience until you obtain all of the above. We will then rebuild your Professional Portfolio & start the search for your ideal position.

Here are the steps you’ll be taking through this journey:

  1. Contact us to set up your In-Person Interview. (This 1st step is currently only available in Middle Tennessee until our other branch offices open in future years. If you are a Candidate out of state, we will be meeting with you virtually while still providing you with your very own personalized experience.) For this interview, we will meet at a local public location & spend 30-60 minutes getting to know each other. We will learn from you about your past & better understand what you are ideally looking for in the future. You will receive a Welcome Packet with pertinent information about this process in addition to some fun free gifts from us!
  2. In your Welcome Packet you will find Agency Forms to fill out. Once you return these to us promptly, we will begin presenting you with possible positions.
  3. We will then set you up on interviews (in person or virtually) with potential Clients. It is our hope that after a few interviews, a Client offers you a fantastic position.
  4. During this process, you will begin attending our 12 Month Training Workshops. These workshops meet the last Saturday of every month from 1pm-4pm locally. (For our out of state Candidates, you will attend workshops virtually until our future branch offices open). Each Workshop covers an important subject in your specific field. While attending these Workshops you are considered “A Silver Key Candidate” with our firm.
  5. Once you are hired, we continue to keep in contact with you for up to a year while you build your new professional relationship. We will act as your mediator & mentor for both you & your employer.

When you return to us in the future for new employment, we will have your Professional Portfolio ready to send to new Clients. We hope you will always come to us when in need of a new position.

The greatest “Thank You” you can provide us is to refer your friends & family to us! We hope your experience with us will be an incredible one that you will share with others. In doing so, you will receive a generous gift from us if your referral lands a new position through our firm.


See below for Frequently Asked Questions. If a question you have is not answered here, please contact us at your convenience & a qualified staff member will assist you. We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week for your convenience. Thank you.

How soon can I, the Candidate, expect to be hired?
The interviewing & screening process typically takes us 1-2 weeks. At that point you will be a Candidate fully represented by us as an Agency. Your Professional Portfolio will be complete & sent out to Clients that offer positions you are interested in. Once your Portfolio is sent out, you can expect to be hired, on average, within 30-90 days.

What locations do you service?
We have Clients & Candidates worldwide & are available to assist you no matter your location. We are available 24/7 to meet with you in person or virtually at any time that is convenient to you & your schedule. We are currently open in San Francisco, CA and Nashville, TN, but we will be opening new operating branches in the following cities soon:

  • Chicago, IL: 2017
  • Atlanta, GA: 2018
  • Miami, FL: 2019
  • Los Angeles, CA: 2020
  • New York, NY: 2021
  • London, England: 2022

What makes The Herbert Alfred Agency different from other staffing firms?
Many reasons: We are available around the clock, including all major Holidays. This allows us to accommodate your needs & schedules better & more efficiently. Secondly, we provide a more personal service than all other staffing firms. We continue to work with both of you (the Client & the Candidate) for up to a year even after you have developed your new professional relationship, we offer more extensive training & workshops to all of our Candidates, & we give our Clients a stronger personalized experience by meeting with them directly in their homes & keeping in touch with them in the future to help mold their relationship with their Domestic Worker. We pride ourselves in making small extra steps for both Client & Candidate to ensure happiness & longevity in the workplace.

Why use you if I could simply find a Client/Candidate on my own?
Of course you can get on the internet & likely find a new position to work or a Domestic Worker on your own. But, in using our firm, we can make this process easier, less stressful, more effective, & end with longer lasting results for several reasons. One, we screen our Candidates more thoroughly than the average family is able to. You have the assurance & guarantee that all Candidates you interview have completely passed a rigorous testing period. Secondly, you will be getting only Candidates that match your exact needs; out of what typically starts as 50-75 Candidates, we wean out the ones that are not a good fit for you, using a lengthy & detailed process, leaving you with 3-5 of the ideal Candidates for you to interview & review. All this work takes us over two weeks; two weeks worth of work that you do not have to do. We work with you even after you have hired to ensure that your new professional relationship sticks. For our Candidates, we represent you as an Agent. We find the ideal matched position & we fight for the benefits & perks you deserve. We aid in helping you build a beautiful & professional Portfolio in addition to provide you with training & guidance throughout your entire career.

What are some forms &/or documents you can provide us with?
Our team of experts are here to draft you almost any documentation that you need in part of this journey. Some of these include:

  • Professionally drafted Employment Agreement
  • Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Form
  • A Distracted Driving Policy Agreement
  • Home Based Surveillance Camera Agreement
  • Amendments to your current contracts or documents
  • Domestic Worker Folders (Nanny Folder, Personal Assistant Binder, House Manual)

Do I, the Candidate, need to pay any fees?
Candidates, you are the ones looking for employment, therefore, you never, at any time, owe us a fee.

Can I work for The Herbert Alfred Agency as an employee?
There are a few ways that you can be a part of The Herbert Alfred Agency professionally, yes!

  1. Our Nashville headquarters is currently seeking a part time Assistant/Office Worker. Please contact us for more information about this.
  2. In addition to that, we are looking for seasoned Domestic Workers in other cities to act as Placement Coordinators. A Placement Coordinator works on a part-time to full-time basis (depending on your preference) & is paid solely commission. Your job is to aid in the strategic match making process of connecting Candidates with Clients while offering an in-person personalized experience. For each match you make, you receive a commission. Please contact us for further information about this.
  3. Lastly, we are also looking for Recruitment Managers in other cities. As a Recruitment Manager, you will manage, train, & oversee 10 Placement Coordinators in your area. You are paid a full time hourly wage for this work based on your past work history. Please contact us for more information on this.